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JAG Celebrates 100 episodes
"Down Under"

January 2000


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ET's Robb Weller:    We're exclusive with David James Elliott......(He) took his family along for the show's 100th episode, in Australia, and he's invited us to join them, for another ET First.

David:  Very excited to shoot here in Sydney.  Totally excited about the 100th episode!

(CB comments it seems more like a vacation)

RW:    Shooting seaside in Sydney may be a treat, with the famed Opera House also serving as a location, but it's truly a working vacation for David James Elliott.

David:    The biggest bummer about working down here is I have to work all the time.   I think I get one day off.

David To Stephanie:    What did you do today?

RW:    But David has brought along his wife, Nanci Chambers, and their 6-year-old daughter, Stephanie.

Stephanie To David:     Please, oh please take me, please.....

David:    They're out exploring, so I'm living vicariously.

Stephanie To David:    Mom said maybe we could go to the fair.....there's a fair.

David To Stephanie:   There is?

(Final Clips:  CB and TG say the show seems even more well known there than in the States, and it can't go wrong shooting in that great location.  RW says both the 100th and 101st episodes are being shot there, the military drama is a big hit "Down Under", and gives a show hint CB (Mac) gets a diamond ring.)


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