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Canada ET
July 8, 2009

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ET: NCIS is looking for a new agent to add to it's roster ... our pick for the job ... David James Elliott.  He after all starred in the show JAG that spawed the NCIS franchise and he just starred in a successful mini-series.  (clip of Impact).

DJE: We love ET

ET: ...And we loved David for many years starting with his first season on JAG.

DJE: This is great - sometimes I have to pinch myself ...

ET: Happy with his how in 1995 - he knew that being sexy meant being watched

DJE: If it sells the show...if it works and makes the show a success, great I'll go with that...

(Shows Clip from Ironman coverage ...)

ET:  We were there for David's other big finish that year - the JAG finale ...

DJE:  Ya know I'm looking forward to growing my hair man,  10 years with this haircut ... laughing

              You guys have always been there - thank you ET.


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