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ET Canada - June 9, 2009
David James Elliott Back in Uniform


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David James Elliott
(H) HOSTS:   Cheryl Hickey and Rosey Edeh
H):    Hey, good news, ladies!  JAG star David James Elliott is back in uniform!

H):    Hmmm, Yummy.  That is good news!  But in the NBC mini-series The Storm, he's a guy who's found a way to control the weather.

DJE:    We're calling it a noir (dark) sci-fi action thriller.

"Shut it down, now!  Everybody away from your desk -- away from your computer!  Everyone -- get out!  Now!

H):    David is moving on from the fragile David Renwald in The Guard..........

Miro:   Let me help.
David:  I got it.
Miro:  No, no that's okay.
David:  I got it, I said!
Miro:  Alright.
David:  I want you out of here, all right?!

H): powerful Army General Braxton in The Storm.

DJE:    It started off as a philanthropic idea, and my character and Treat's think that it would be better suited with a military use.

"This could restore us to our rightful position as leader of the free world, without ever firing a shot."

H):    World domination may be his goal, but David still looks good in a uniform.  It's been 4 years since JAG went off air, but David hasn't forgotten that the hit show NCIS was a spin-off of JAG.

DJE:    Am I making any money on NCIS?  I'm NOT!!  How is that fair?!

H:)    Well, David, now there's a spin-off to the spin-off called NCIS Los Angeles.

DJE:    Would I like to be in the spin-off?  Yeah.  I thought that would be a natural progression.  Harm could return.  He might be the Head of the Joint Chiefs at this point, you know.   And I'm a shoe-in for that character, because I just played it on The Storm. 


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