ET Canada on the set of
Close to Home

Aug, 2006

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ETC:    Now the former JAG star returns to prime time this Fall, in the courtroom drama Close To Home.  It's a role that's now close to David's heart, thanks to civilian clothing and fewer hair cuts.

David:    ET, thanks for coming to the set of Close To Home!

ETC:   That's right.  The former JAG star is out of the Navy and into a Midwestern courtroom, as he joins the cast of the legal drama, Close To Home, where he plays an Assistant DA out to rattle some cages.

David:    You're either part of the master plan, or you are the pebble in the shoe that they need to deal with.

(Clip From Show)

ETC:    The show's star Jennifer Finnigan said that she's not the only one who is glad to see a fellow Canadian join the show.

Jennifer:    Every woman I've told that David James Elliott is joining the show, they're like, 'JAG, Oh I love him!'

ETC:    And something David loves is that he now gets to grow his hair out, which he couldn't do as a Navy lawyer on JAG.

David:    Now it takes a little longer to make it look nice, but when it does look nice, it looks better, I think!

ETC:    David also gave us some background on his new character.

David:    He's also an athlete.   We thought we'd throw that in there, you know.  He's done the Ironman.  Who else has done the Ironman?  Wait--that would be me.  I've done the Ironman, too.  So you guys were there.   ET was with me the whole way.

ETC:    Oh, and there are some other character developments.

David:    He's definitely shaking things up--you know, slapping a few butts--I mean, in a "let's get going people!" way, not with any sexual overtones yet, that I'm aware of.

ETC:    But Jennifer says, think again.

Jennifer:    Where lies anger and resentment, equals eventual sexual tension, right?

ETC:   And while Jennifer's from Montreal and David's from Toronto, her U.S. costars don't quite get how big our country really is.

Jennifer:    They're always, like, 'Oh, are you from Canada?  Do you know Steve?'  I'm like, 'Yes, of course I know Steve!'   Yeah, there's this sort of common misconception that all Canadian actors know each other.  But there's a huge Canadian acting pool, and no, we don't all know each other.  I'm aware, however, because I love to know, and I'm really patriotic, so I love to know who my fellow Canadians are in the business.

ETC:   David will also star in the upcoming TV movie, 60 Minute Man, about a suburban Dad who discovers his memory is being erased by the government.


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