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ET Canada - Impact
June 18, 2009

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Host:    Rick Campanelli
D:    David James Elliott
N:    Natasha Henstridge

RC:    Sunday night on E!, David James Elliott and Natasha Henstridge are racing against time to prevent global disaster.  Now these two are obviously super good looking stars, but it was all that sexy science stuff that attracted them to their roles.

D:    An enormous asteroid has hit the moon and knocked it off its axis.

RC:    That puts the moon on a collision course with Earth.

N (From Clip):    "The moon will make impact with Earth in 39 days."

RC:    In the two-part mini-series starting Sunday, David and Natasha play two brainy scientists who must come up with a plan.

D:    We devise a plan to knock it back onto its axis.

RC:    Natasha was just happy to be offered the role of a genius astronomer. 

N:    I'm always so flattered when someone will write a role that's just ten times smarter than I ever am, and think of me to play it.  I think--that's a project I want to be a part of!

RC:    Mastering the scientific lingo is tough, even in an interview.

D:    Asteroids are really erotic--erratic--not erotic..

Other:  Maybe for some....

N:    They might be....

D:    Freudian slip.

N:    (Laughs)

RC:    David and Natasha are thrown together by extraordinary circumstances in Impact.

D (From Clip):    "I need you to say goodbye to my kids for me."

RC:    In real life, David has been married to Nanci Chambers for 17 years.  Natasha is on the cover of the current In Style/Weddings Issue, and she's quick to dispel any rumors.

N:    I'm not pregnant, if that's what you're getting at.  (Laughs)

RC:    She is engaged to singer/songwriter Darius Denesh, and they're finally making wedding plans after several years together.

D:    Making wedding plans?

N:    Rumors have been flying, but no--I am not pregnant.   Uh......we are working around (to it)--we're getting to it.

D: turned red--you blushed a little.

N:    Did I?

D:    Yeah.

N:    (Laughs)

D:    Wow--these guys know everything!

N:    We're starting to make plans--yes.



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