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ET Canada - January 6, 2011

David James Elliott on CSI NY

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DJE:    David James Elliott
 SW:     Sela Ward
  GS:     Gary Sinese
Host:    ET Host

Host:   The Man with 3 first names, David James Elliott, was a superstar on CBS for 10 years on JAG, now he is back on the network but this time on CSI NY and David told us he is just glad he is not a victim ...

DJE:   I have not been in the autopsy room, but uh you know I certainly don't want to be on this table ...

Host: Now David is not a CSI casualty, at least not yet.  His character, Russ, is an FBI agent, and oh yeah Jo's ex-husband, in town from Washington

DJE: I guess I am the enemy, on a level to Sela, because I am the dreaded ex-husband, but maybe not so dreaded.. who knows

Host: Sounds like to us that there is some unfinished business there... Fans have been hoping for a Jo/ Mac hook up ... could a love triangle be on the horizon?

DJE: Certainly the seeds have been planted, anything could happen because but I do believe there is a little sexual tension between Sela & Gary, which I am sure that I probably am not a big fan of that...

Sela: Well you know, it's fun.  You get to see a little of that territorial piece of Mac come out, two peacocks feel that they both have a little bit ownership in very different ways.

Host: We will just have to wait and see if the crime driven drama will take a romantic detour...

Gary: I don't want to get in the middle ... strictly business ...all business.