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ET - June 18, 2010

David James Elliott on Dad's Home and Scoundrels

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DJE:    David James Elliott
 VM:     Virginia Madsen
Host:    ET Host

Host:    (He starred for 10 years in the) series "JAG", and David James Elliott is about to be back on TV in a big way.

(Clip):    Wolf/Everything okay?  Cheryl/Fabulous!

Host:    The shirtless David James Elliott and Virginia Madsen star in "Scoundrels", a sexy new family drama with a twist.

DJE:    Lovable rogues.

(Clip):    Police!  Cheryl/Come on!

VM:    We are having a moment of love, my husband and I, and we're raided by the police.  Damn them!

Host:    "Scoundrels" premieres Sunday on ABC.

DJE:    We just finance everything through crime.

(Clip):    Hope/What'd we steal this time, the raisins?

Host:    David also stars in "Dad's Home", the Hallmark Channel movie premiering Saturday.