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The interview starts with Mary Hart saying...there is murder and mayhem on JAG tonight but when ET was on the set all he (DJE) wanted to talk was baby talk...

DJE: "I was thinking, maybe I should have just one more - I haven't slept in a year and a half, but you know...they're so cute"


ET: With this being their 10th season, the big question becomes will there be an 11th? David told us you can figure out the fate of the show by watching the relationship between Harm & Mac.

DJE: "If we aren't coming back things will start clicking pretty quickly ... If we are coming back then things will click a little slower..."


From ETOnline

Will Harm & Mac Hook Up?

November 24, 2004

The past comes back to haunt P.O. Coates in a big way on tonight's episode of "JAG," and Harm once again must come to her rescue, this time trying to save her from a murder charge.

On tonight's ET, we're behind the scenes of the "There Goes the Neighborhood" episode, airing at 9 p.m., on CBS, to catch up with David and his co-star Catherine Bell.

"It's been a fun year directing," David tells ET. "I also wrote an episode, so that keeps it interesting. You've got to keep peeling at that onion, and finding things to keep you absorbed in the work."

David not only directed, but stars in tonight's episode in which Coates' old partner in crime arrives on her doorstep unexpectedly. Coates tries to help her friend go straight, but someone winds up dead and Coates is the most likely suspect.

Catherine's character, Mac, doesn't have a lot to do in tonight's show. Still, the London-born actress always enjoys being directed by her co-star. "The first time David directed me, it was like, 'Okay, what's this going to be like?'," she recalls. "I had no idea. Usually we're side by side and then he was in the director position. But he did a great job. He's an actor so he understands acting."

As to whether or not Mac and Harm will hook up this season, neither one is talking. "I have no idea," Catherine admits. "It's completely in DON BELLISARIO's hands, and he said if it happens, it'll be the last show of the series ever."

David concurs. "You know we've clicked pretty strongly before and then fell off at the last moment. But if we're not coming back, things will start clicking pretty quickly."

For more on tonight's "There Goes the Neighborhood" episode of "JAG," tune in to tonight's ET.

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