ET ~ 11/19/04

David James Elliott Sounds Off


The segment starts with a clip from 'Camp Delta'


They introduce the 'interview' by saying with JAG in its 10th year, David James Elliott learns to keeps things fresh by trying on new hats... (showing scenes of David rehearsing).

Then they cut to David as he says..."its a fun year,  I've been directing,  I wrote an episode, it keeps it interesting ..."


When asked whether the show would be renewed David said . . . "I just guess cuz nobody tells me anything...people come to me and say 'if anyone would know you would know' and I go "NO, you would know before I would know'"


David also told ET (off camera) that he might be getting "another special assignment".  He and Nanci are talking about having another baby.


Quotes from David... (from article)

"We're exploring the issue of releasing [prisoners], I don't know that the show tries to lean one way or the other, but it's an interesting episode. Questions are raised."

"I read the other day that out of about 30 prisoners that have been released [in Iraq], eight have gone back and killed Americans on the battle ground. So, from where I'm sitting, it seems crazy that in a time of war like this that we're having these arguments about civil rights for people who aren't even citizens. Maybe I don't know enough.""JAG" was the only military drama on the air when it launched in 1995, and David points out how much the world has changed since then. At that time, the military was downsizing, and there was a plethora of bases on which to shoot because they were vacant. "It is interesting," David says, "the downsizing, because now we wish we hadn't."

David is good to go for another year should "JAG" be renewed, and the ratings are good, but so far he hasn't heard a word.  "The generals in the back may know more, but we lowly foot soldiers up here on the front lines, they haven't told us," he says with a laugh. "We're just slogging away in the mud."

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