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Hi ET,  I'm David James Elliott and you are first on the set of my new movie in Canada,  about 10 miles away from my hometown.



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DAVID JAMES ELLIOTT returned to Toronto, the city of his birth, to shoot "The Stranger I Married," a Lifetime Television movie based on the true events that followed Canadian football star TERRY EVANSHEN's near-fatal car crash.

"It has been a helluva trip," David tells ET. "I lost my brother during the filming of this show, so I dedicated my effort on this film to him. It happened two days before we started filming, so it was a difficult trip to Canada this time, and the role is incredibly emotionally draining."

"The Stranger I Married," airing on Sunday, Nov. 27 at 9 p.m., is the story of the 44-year-old husband and father of three daughters, whose car was hit by a van that ran a red light. The impact was so great that Terry was thrown 15 feet out of the rear window of his vehicle. All of his organs were crushed into his chest and his lungs had collapsed, but his features weren't marred, so his face bears no scars. He almost lost his arm at one point, but his wife wouldn't let them remove it, and today, he has the full use of it.

"He slipped into a coma for a long period of time," David explains. "They said he would never come out of the coma and he did. They said he would be brain dead and a vegetable and he proved them wrong there, too. He came back, but he never remembered anything that happened before the accident. He had to learn his memories, so there is no emotional connection. He knows what his history is, and he is a pretty amazing guy."

WENDY CREWSON plays Terry's wife LORRAINE, who struggles to stay married to a man who has no memories of her.

"He had an incredible family that stuck by him through the five-year period before he got to the point where he is today," David continues. "He is a very fortunate man to have had such support. Obviously, inside him he has an incredible drive."

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