ET Online on the set of
Close to Home

Aug 8, 2006

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David:    ET -- Thanks for coming to the set of Close To Home!

(Clip From Show)

David:    I'm shaking up the office.  I'm delivering a little dose of the New York lifestyle, the New York work style, into this office, and it's not without its jarring moments.

(Clip From Show)

David:    They're shooting the show on HiDef (HD), which is different than film.  It's a little less forgiving, I'm told, or from what I've seen.  But it's the new way -- all part of the new way.   So we're adjusting.   It's a little alarming to watch.   It has no forgiveness.  We're on the cutting edge here on Close To Home.

On his "JAG" hair vs. "Close To Home" hair --

David:    The one upside of that short hair is you never wore a cap when you were swimming.   You didn't really care, because your hair grew, so you were getting it cut every 10 days.  Now it takes a little longer to make it look nice.   But when it does look nice, it looks better -- I think!

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