ET on the set of
Close to Home

Aug 8, 2006

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On this Friday night CBS drama series, David plays the new boss -- Assistant District Attorney James Conlon -- handsome, self-assured and ambitious.   He is just in from New York City, and ready to make his mark, so he infuses the Prosecutor's Office with his New York work ethic.

David:    He's also an athlete.  We thought we'd throw that in there, you know.  He's done the Ironman.  Who else has done the Ironman?  That would be me -- I've done the Ironman, too.  You guys were there -- ET was with me the whole way.

(Clip From Show)

ET:    The show's star, Jennifer Finnigan, said that she's not the only one who was glad to see David join the show.

Jennifer:    Every woman I've told that David James Elliott was joining the show, they're like--'JAG! Oh, I love him!'

                   (AN -- So do we Jennifer, so do we)

ET:    And something David loves is that he now gets to grow his hair out, which he couldn't do as a Navy lawyer on JAG.

David:    Now it takes longer to make it look nice.  But when it does look nice, it looks better -- I think!


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