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E! Celebrates JAG's 100th Episode
In Sydney

January 2000


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E! Host:    Having your cake and eating it, too.....birthday cake, that is.  The popular drama on CBS is celebrating its 100th episode,"down under".  E! tagged along, as the cast and crew went to Sydney, Australia, to shoot this very special show.  And who else but Greg Agnew, has more.

David:    This is good cake.

GA:    ......and a good way to celebrate a series that's come a long way in just a few years.

David:    Incredible.  It's unbelievable, especially considering, you know, our beginnings.   And we've sort of clawed our way to this point, and the show's suddenly hitting.

GA:    ......and hitting big.   (NBC canceled, it moved to CBS, and voil'a!)

David:    It seems every episode our demographics improve, and the ratings seem to improve from week to week to week.  I mean, we're up often in the top 10 and sometimes in the top 5.

(Final Clips:    GA comments the ratings will stay high with the Aussie episode, and JAG as a model for success is known the world over.  CB mentions the unusual opportunity of filming on topless beaches, but says is stressed about her own bikini shots.  And Trevor Goddard sums up his JAG experience as being a 'dream come true'.)

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