Phone Interview with Detroit Radio Station
November 28, 2000

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Man: David James Elliott

DJE: What’s happening?

Man: Where are you coming from today, you in LA?

DJE: I’m in LA.

Man: You’re in LA.

DJE: Is it cold in Detroit?

Man: Yeah, it’s been snowing, raining.

Woman: Yeah, it’s been snowing. We had a lot of snow last week, then rain the last couple of days.

DJE: You got that acid rain going on there?

Man: Yeah, I think it is, actually. Could be.

Woman: Let me go check my car. How was your Thanksgiving?

DJE: Excellent. I was in Palm Springs, golfing.

Man/Woman: Oh, nice!

Man: That’s great.

DJE: A little bit. I’m from back there, so…

Woman: Where you from?

DJE: Toronto.

Man: (at the same time) He’s from Toronto.

DJE: I spent a lot of time in Detroit in my youth. I’d hitchhike there and uh, get down.

Man: Get into some trouble?

Woman: Yeah, what did you come here for?

DJE: Uh, I knew some girls there.

Man: Oh good. Should we tell them you said hi?

DJE: Please.


Man: Hey, in Toronto don’t they have that CN tower?

DJE: They do.

Man: I love that thing. There was a special on Sunday night on how they built that.

DJE: Unbelievable. It used to be the tallest freestanding structure in the world. If you go up on a windy day, it moves. It’s kind of unsettling.

Man: And three feet at the tip.

DJE: I’d break into a cold sweat.

Man: I would freak out. You couldn’t get me near that. How’s your daughter Stephanie?

DJE: She’s excellent, thank you for asking.

Man: She enjoyed Thanksgiving this year?

DJE: Uh, I think so. Yeah, everyone got to have a little bit of fun. She drove a golf cart and some mini putting and swimming and stuff.

Woman: Any one big item she’s asking for, for Christmas yet?

DJE: You know, she’s asking for a lot of things. We’ve got a list going and uh, so Santa’s going to have this list. And there are some funky names, you know, because I’m not watching TV with her, I get, you know, some of the names of the toys I’m going to hunt them down, you know?

Man: Did you get Powder Puff Girls or anything like that?

DJE: Uh, I think she…that may be on there. That’s a familiar name to me.

Man: (unknown - audio garbled)

DJE: I know she’s got the Backstreet Boys Black and Blue on there.

Man: Oh, that’s easy. That’s easy. Show how are things going on JAG?

DJE: Excellent. Hey, listen; we have the conclusion to a 2-parter coming up.

Man: Oh, tell us about it.

DJE: Captain, or no – Admiral Thomas Boone, now Admiral, used to be Captain, he is a recurring character - is about to be named to a very high position in the Navy and uh, and then it comes out that allegedly he took part in the murder of innocent civilians during a black up on one of his tours in Vietnam, and I am defending his good name.

Man: Ah ha. So you said the 2-parter is going to air tonight.

DJE: That’s right.

Man: Which will be great. Alright, that sounds like fun. And do you just, did you just play a cameo on Bette?

DJE: I did.

Man: How was that?

DJE: It was fun. I was thrilled to get to work with her.

Man: She’s fun. She was in our studios a while back and did a little show for us here in Detroit and she uh, is such an electrifying and cool person to hang with.

DJE: Yeah! She’s nice and talented and my daughter was thrilled to meet her, because she was a big fan of many of her movies.

Man: David James Elliott. We want everybody to watch JAG. It’s on tonight. Make sure you check it out; it’s the second part.

DJE: It’s on at eight.

Man: Well, we got to find out a little bit about it. The good thing about it is, when you tune in tonight you’re going to be able to kind of figure out even if you missed the first one, what’s kind of going on. And tune in.

DJE: That’s it.

Woman: And we can pick up what’s (?garbled?) about you because you’re such a hottie.

Man: Oh, stop it.

Woman: Who cares what the plot of the show is about?

DJE: Easy now.

Man: There’s your female point of view. Alright.

Man: Thank you so much for hanging in Detroit.

DJE: Yes, thank you.

Man: You come and visit us soon. David James Elliott, everybody.

Woman: Thank you.

Man: Bye.

DJE: See you, Detroit.

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