on the set of
The Man Who Lost Himself
July 2005


 DJE:   I obviously want Terry's story to be told, you know, as close to real as it is, but I didn't want to fall on my sword trying to imitate Terry - luckily Terry, though he's well known, its not like playing an extremely well known figure, I'm more interested in bringing truth to the moment and less about the caricature of Terry Evanshen.




Terry Evanshen on DJE:
I wouldn't want someone to portray me as I am - thats not possible, but if you just give a reflection of the type of person I was, and what I had to go through and how did I maintain that level - you have to be a very, very fine actor and have a lot of credibility and I truly believe thats the kind of person he is.

Meeting the Evanshen's:


DJE:  He's a wonderful guy, I'm just blown away by his story and yeah, I feel we certainly owe him as authentic a replication of what he went through as what we can give him. He totally beat the odds. Not only was he a champion of the football arena and had risen from abject poverty but he also overcame another incredible hurdle, I mean the guys' a winner and he never gave up


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