on the set of
The Man Who Lost Himself
July 2005


DJE quotes from the interview:

 "He slipped into a coma, from which they said he would never come out, then when he awoke from the coma they said he was brain dead. He had to learn all this memories. It's a pretty amazing story, it's a Canadian story, but it's also a human story"

 "Everyday was like climbing a mountain, ya know, from the first day I looked at the script I thought 'Oh my God this is going to be a hellish trip.'"

When asked what memory he couldn't bare to lose David answered  "If I couldn't remember who my children were that would be devastating"



When asked what the movie title would be if about his real life David answered laughing, "The man who injured himself".







Clips/dialog from the movie:


 "What is a wife?"







Terry: "Are you asking me out"   Lorraine: "yes"     Terry: "Who exactly are you wanting tonight"   Lorraine: "the guy who is standing right in front of me"