JAG Satellite Media Tour
May 11, 1998

(Note: This was actually a series of interviews. DJE and CB were being interviewed by media from all over the United States, via satellite. They sat in front of a dark blue screen and answer questions, often the same questions, over and over. In between satellite hook-ups, they waited, and joked around a bit. We could not hear the questions, only their answers.)


David James Elliott: It does. I think it does. It says something about our audience. We've been growing and Leslie Moonves picked the show up and believed in us from the beginning, and stuck behind us. It's tough terrain these days. Shows get cancelled after two airings...

Catherine Bell: Yeah.

DJE: ... and he really believed the show could grow and stuck behind us. We've been winning our time slot the last three, four weeks in a row. The show continues to grow. It's fabulous.

DJE and CB

[next interview, apparently a question about Harm's antics]
DJE: [laughing and joking] You know, he does, often. They base the character on my real life. My early years ... Seinfeld helped. I did Seinfeld. I've been around. This is my fourth series. My first starring role in a prime time series. I've been around for a long time and we wound up getting a great start on Seinfeld. After that aired, my agent said, 'The phone has been ringing off the hook. We didn't know he could do comedy.' Suddenly all these doors started opening. But I was in negotiations for JAG at that time and we didn't really get to benefit from it. But it's nice to be wanted.
[listening to next question]
No, no, no! Not tomorrow night! The season finale is two weeks. Tomorrow night is Bud's wedding.

CB: The 19th.

DJE: Two more weeks of new JAG's, okay?

CB: Thank you.

DJE: Thank you.

[next interview]

DJE: Hey Scott! ... Good.

CB [aside]: Where's Binghampton?

DJE: I like that area. Some good golf courses out that way. ... I've been out that way. I've golfed.

DJE  and CB

[DJE, softly, to CB while they're waiting.]
DJE: It's going to be a weird interview. We can do some freak-out things. ... Freak out! Freak out ... freak out! ... All right ... all right ... all right!

CB: Freak out!

DJE: ... Hey now ... So? ... You wanna kick in and do the interview? ... Muscle through? ... Yeah, are you kidding?

CB: Yeah! We're all pros.

DJE: Bud and Harriet get wedding! ... [aside to CB] get wedding! ... [laughing] ... get married! Hey, good morning, how are you? They get married and we get to follow those frantic last minute wedding bell blues. There's a story and a few members of the cast wind up in jail. Some crazy things happen. It's funny; it's touching; it's sweet. And we really find out about Bud. Some of the reason that Bud is the way he is. I mean his Dad ...

CB: A lot of history ... why he is ... who he is ... very interesting.
The finale is one of the best scripts we've ever had. It's so exciting. It's a Russian spies thriller. A lot of mystery, a lot of intrigue. Harm goes off to find his father because he finds out new information that he may very well be alive and Mac goes off as basically an interpreter ...

DJE: ... to date the bad guy ... [teasing and laughing]

CB: [laughing] Oh now now! It's just to get information from the bad guy. She uses her feminine ways occasionally.

DJE: We flash back to Harm's Dad. I play Harm's Dad with some very good old age make-up. That's sort of interesting. ... Yeah. We went to green screen Russia.

CB: We pretended to go to Russia. ... You'll be amazed. You'll think we went to Russia. It just looks great.

DJE: Tune in and you let us know.

DJE: Yeah, we've been winning our time slot the last few weeks. Every week we would grow a little more. We've picked up a lot of steam in the last couple of months.

CB: CBS has really been behind us.

DJE: Yes. Leslie Moonves really believed in the show. It's just been a great place to be. We love CBS.
... Thank you. 'Bye!

CB: Thank you.

[next interview]

DJE and CB DJE: JAG stands for Judge Advocate General. It's about the military corps - the law corps of the military. We are two Navy lawyers ...

CB: Marine!

DJE: [laughing] Excuse me! She's a Marine lawyer! The important one of us is in the Navy!

CB: [laughing] Argh!

DJE: Ah, but it's not strictly a military show. It's not a military drama. The military's a backdrop. It's about people ... people's stories framed in action. It's a fun show. It's often comedic, as you'll see in tomorrow night's episode. It's about Bud and Harriet getting married.

CB: Very silly. Very wild.

DJE: That's a good one. And the episode that follows is the season finale.

CB: A complete opposite.

DJE: We go to Russia in search of Harm's father. He was MIA in Vietnam. He went down Christmas Eve and new evidence appears. He was taken to Russia and we believe there's a good chance he is alive and we go there looking for him.


[next interview]

CB: Right! It was a brief appearance and I was murdered in that episode and spent the rest of the episode dead. The show switched to CBS and they were casting Harm's partner and I really pushed for it. I love the part. She's just a great great character. She's intelligent; she's tough; she's a Marine; she's a lawyer. Just a wonderful wonderful part. I wrote Don Bellisario, our producer, and we met a number of times in auditions and here I am.
... I was never real serious about modelling. I actually went to UCLA and I wanted to be either a doctor or a bio-medical engineer. Very very different. But I'd been doing a little bit of modelling here. I went to Japan and modelled for four months. I wasn't real crazy about it. I came back and fell into an acting class by accident and that's when I was completely hooked. Have been ever since.

[DJE to CB]
DJE: I didn't know that. Learn something new every day.

CB: Yeah, see?


[next interview, apparently a question about Trisha Yearwood]
DJE: That's right. She was great. Really sweet personality. Very talented. A natural actor. I thought she did an excellent job. I was suitably impressed and she really helped the show. And she probably gained us a lot of viewers in middle America. It was great meeting her and apparently she's going to come back next year. ... That's what I've heard.

CB: That's what we just found out.

DJE: I guess it'll depend on Trisha's schedule. But that's the plan. ... Yeah, she's great.

CB: Great lady.

DJE: Well, the wedding story isn't the season ender. The wedding story is tomorrow night. Bud and Harriet get married, as they've been planning throughout this season. It's a fun episode. It also has some touching moments. We meet Bud's family. Bud's family meets Harriet's family. ... A little clashing there.

DJE and CB

CB: A little!

DJE: A few of the characters ... yeah, yeah, me and the Admiral and Bud ...

CB: They go to a strip club.

DJE: It's a stag ... We were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

CB: Uh-huh.

DJE: It's a fun episode.

CB: A lot of fun.

DJE: Season finale is the week after. We find out about Harm's father. We get information that he was taken to Russia. We find out that there's a great shot he's alive. And in some flashbacks to 1980 where a lot of this information is coming, that he was there, I played my father. Some old age make-up. I was in the make-up chair for four hours.

CB: It's really great.

DJE: Looked fabulous. I'm a very ugly old man.

CB: That was a weathered old man. That's different. I doubt it.

DJE: ... Thanks. ... 'Bye.

CB: Thank you.

Our thanks to M. Jean Frank for submitting this.