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CBS Early Show
December 2006

David James Elliott played the hunky Naval Lawyer on JAG, now he's playing another lawyer on another CBS drama.
  In Close to Home, Elliott is in charge of a District Attorney's Office. 

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David James Elliott DJE on CBS David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott
David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott
David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott

CBS: David James Elliott, Good Morning

David: Good Morning

CBS: Let me just put the thought bubble over their heads...'Boy is he arrogant' (referring to Conlon in the clip)

David:  Yeess,  Not to confidant is he??

CBS: (Laughing) Yeah, no... Tell me about James Conlon...that's the character

David:  He is a Manhattan DA, well he was a District Attorney in Manhattan ... he has political asperations, its not the fast track here to realise those dreams so he thought lets transfer to Indianapolis, I guess there was a position open, And chase down those dreams there.  He shows up with that Manhattan attitude, Manhattan timetable, The New York minute thing, and just shakes things up

CBS: (Laughing) You sound a little bit like him right now

David: (laughing) Yeah!  It's fun ,  I've emboddied him... at home... its like ... come on ... Come on ... Come on...

CBS: The show is doing very well... 11 million viewers on Friday nights... Is that right?  Am I breaking news here...

David:  No, no, no... it's been winning Friday nights...

CBS: That's awesome!

David : It is awesome.

CBS: Well Congratulations... Are you having a good time on it?

David: Yes, its a fun show to be on, a fun character to play... It is nice to enter the Bruckheimer camp and be a part of that beacon of success.

CBS: So tell me, what is the difference for you as an actor, working on this show and working on JAG, you are still an attorney, in one you are a military man...

David: Completely different character... in who he is, they both work for the government, but one is wearing polyester and the other one is wearing silk... they love to pigeon hole you in this business, or maybe just generally  people love to go 'She's great but she only does the news' or 'she only does entertainment, she couldn't handle the big stuff', ya know what I mean?

CBS: Is there something you like doing more...I mean do like doing comedy...

David: I just want to do something fullfilling, people ask what is your ideal role and I go who knows ... the one I'm playing right now.  I mean, yeah, I just want to keep doing interesting things...

CBS:  You have two children..

David:  3 and 13, yeah

CBS: That is an incredible span...

David: Yeah, same wife ...

CBS: Same wife, that can be sometimes important...

David:  Well its important in my house

CBS: How is that whole 13 thing going...I worry about that...

David, ya know people told me there would be a period where they kinda go away from you... for awhile and I thought... Nah, because I could tell, that the way she is with us, when she was younger, that that could never happen...

CBS: Guess what? (laughing)

David: Guess what? (laughing)

CBS: She's gone away.

David: She has gone into that period...she hasn't completely gone away but... I'll reach for the radio.."Don't touch that" 

CBS: So what's more challenging...being the father of a 13 year old girl or your day job?

David: Oh it's more challenging to be a father of a 13 year old girl, certainly.  At least with the day job I have things set up a certain way, ya know, with a 13 year old it's a new surprise every minute.  I'm a chauffer, I'm a servant, that's all I do...

CBS: Right, right, well just do it well...

David: Thank you.