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Associated Press talks with David James Elliott
June 17, 2010

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Speaking About Dad's Home .... Speaking About Scoundrels ....


DJE:    David James Elliott -
Dad's Home:

"Ben":   Guys, I don't know how to say this, except to just say it.  I lost my job.
"Dylan":   Where'd you lose it?
"Ben":   It's not like that, Buddy, it's, uh.....Dad got fired.

DJE:    "Dad's Home", which is a Hallmark movie, a slice-of-life story about a guy--a single parent, his wife had died.

"Dylan":   You got fired?
"Lindsay":   Oh my gosh.  Are we gonna have to move?
"Dylan":   Are we going to run out of money?
"Lindsay"   Am I gonna have to change schools?  Oh my God, we're gonna have to move!
"Ben":   Everybody calm.....Calm down.

DJE:    He's struggling to deal with his two children, he loses his job--this workaholic father--and wakes up by the end of the film with an enormous life lesson, and realizing what's important and what's not.

"Lindsay":   Dad, I can't even get down this chicken, it's so dry.
"Ben":   Put some potatoes on it, it moistens it up a little bit.

DJE:    I have a 7- and a 17-year-old, and in this film I had a 6- and a 16-year-old, or it may have been a 5- and 15-year-old.   I don't know--the age range was pretty much the same.  The eldest was a girl, like in my family my eldest child is a girl.

(On Clip--Food fight breaks out)

DJE:    The director is an old pal of mine.  He directed 50 episodes of JAG.  And so we had a ball.  And every day was just a terrific day.  We had the best time.  And Brad (referring to Bradford May) knew what buttons to push for me to hit the right notes, and we also really played off of the fact that it basically was like I'd leave home and I'd come to this other home, where it was exactly the same dynamic.  So the film really worked on that level, I feel.


"Cheryl":    Heather, rise and shine, cops.
"Heather":    How am I supposed to shine. if my skin cells can't get enough sleep?
"Cheryl":    Hope, get up, we got company.
"Hope":    Why don't they just move in, and save on gas?
"Cheryl":    Cal, up and at 'em.  (Bed empty)  I'm gonna kill him.

DJE:    It's a, you know, typical dysfunctional American family.  We just happen to earn our living through criminal enterprise.  We're not mobsters.  We're small-time criminals.  Takes place in Palm Springs.  And the characters are just wacky.

"Sergeant":    When's the last time you saw Cal?
"Wolf":    You know Sergeant, I don't recall.  I didn't have my watch on.

DJE:    The first episode, which is coming up, I am preparing to go to court, expecting to get a minimal sentence,  And unfortunately, it's a little longer than I'd hoped.

"Cheryl":    Here you are, stuck in this place for the next 5 years.

DJE:    Virgina's character decides that crime is really not paying off for the family. even though a couple of my children are involved in the "family business", which is a little wacky, but.....   So while I'm locked up, Virginia decides she's taking the family legit, much to my chagrin, and certainly half the kids.

"Wolf":    You can not succeed in this business, Cheryl, without taking risks.  You either go where the money is, or you get out.  It's as simple as that.

DJE:    The focus for these 8 episodes is this new dilemma the family is facing--the tug of war between Virginia and I.  ("Wolf":  Huh!)  And then all the family drama.  Every family has some drama.  This family's is never-ending.   It's like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  Every episode is just crazy and kookier than the last. 

"Cheryl":    You robbed that house last night, didn't you.  ("Cal":  Shh)  I don't care who hears me.   It was you, wasn't it!
"Cal":    I challenge anyone to prove it.
"Cheryl":    You left your ski mask there.
"Cal"    So?
"Cheryl":   You sewed your name in it!