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AOL/Entertainment Asylum Interview
January 26, 1998

OnlineHost: Live from Studio-I in Hollywood! The Entertainment Asylum presents JAG's own, DAVID JAMES ELLIOTT. 

EAMC Host : Good evening everyone. Welcome David.

EADavidJE : Thank you. Hi everybody. It's great to be here...

Question : Hello James, I am a big fan and wanted to know if you have a plan to do any movies?

EADavidJE : I did Clockwatchers during hiatus... I had one of the leads in Zorro, but I had to cancel. That is my plan. To do movies. At least they wanted me. The thing is I would not have been considered had I not been on JAG

Question : I would like to know if it is true that he is Canadian and how he likes playing the military role? I am Canadian and never miss his show and because of his show I am trying to enlist in the Marines.

EADavidJE : I am a Canadian... and it's interesting playing a military role. I wanted to join... I had seen Apocalypse Now... but never did.

Question : Are they going to replace your co-star Sarah McKenzie?

EADavidJE : No. They are not replacing her... that was easy.

Question : What is your favorite episode of JAG?

EADavidJE : My favorite... the one that's playing tonight... where the Vietnam Vet comes back. It's written like a play... he tells me information about my father. It's on at 8pm on CBS.

Question : David, Heidi from Phoenix. The Untouchables plays here at 4:00 in the morning and I love to watch you. LOL Did you enjoy doing that show?

EADavidJE : Yeah. I thought it was a great show. It was well done. It was shot beautifully. It was shot on location in Chicago, and it was sad when it ended. Too bad it plays at 4 in the morning....

Question : How did you come about getting the job working on J A G?

EADavidJE : I auditioned. I had to go in seven times over a period of four months. I'd wait to hear back as they slowly chopped down the talent pool. NBC narrowed it down to four and I ended up getting it. I believe everything happens for a reason.

Question : How does it feel to be considered a handsome & cute HUNK?

EADavidJE : Well you're a handsome man too...(laughing). gee thanks... I don't know... I don't think about it, but thank you.

Question : Hello, this is Claire...if you could have the starring role in any current movie, what would it be and why.

EADavidJE : Wow...I guess it would be Zorro... it was a great script... and all the sword play. I come from classical theater... and this was such a great cast. It would have been fantastic.

EAMC Host : How do get along with the rest of your cast mates?

EADavidJE : Very well... we have a great time and it translates onto the screen. Sometimes it gets out of hand we have so much fun.

Question : What kind of cigars do you smoke on the show?

EADavidJE : We smoke different ones. Recently, Lone Wolfes. I'm stopping soon.
It's a nasty habit. The cigars we smoked in the Cuban episodes made me turn green.

Question : On J.A.G. you play a lawyer and a pilot. Do you have any experience in either of these areas?

EADavidJE : No. I'm okay flying. I don't like me flying. I've gone up with a story in TV Guide, and we got to go up in these jets and have a dog fight a mile above the ocean... it's really claustrophobic... I think it's being stuck in little places... It depends on the day. I went up with the Blue Angels and liked that.

Question : Did you like being on Melrose Place and would you appear again if ask to?

EADavidJE : Yea, it was fun... and never say never... I don't think I would appear again... it was fun for the time... but it's not the direction I want to take now.

EAMC Host : This is Shelly: Are you going to get a computer anytime soon?

EADavidJE : Hi Shelly. I'm planning to get one... what stops me is that you get one and then it becomes obsolete. but I have a child and she'll need one.

Question : Hi, David! I'm a big fan of the chemistry you and Tracey Needham shared in the first season....what was *your* favorite first season episode and why? And, considering how great the chemistry was - do you ever see working with her again?

EADavidJE : I really liked Tracey. I'd absolutely work with her again. That first season... the last one was a cliffhanger, but it didn't air here. It aired in Europe... so our fan base in Europe was annoyed because they'd gone a different direction... The show is really big in Europe.

Question : Any funny stories about practical jokes played on the set?

EADavidJE : God, you know there was one we played on Catherine, but I don't want to say what it was cause she might not think it was funny... but it had to do with a satellite dish... Okay, I got them to get me a satellite dish, and got satellite dish magazines and Katherine goes "You got a satellite dish?" and she was green with envy I think... we were trying to get her to get a satellite dish. It was funny at the time... you had to be there.

Question : Does your wife plan on doing anymore episodes of jag with you

EADavidJE : Maybe. Nothing planned at the moment. that was a great episode. We had great chemistry together. I had to share the trailer, and it's funny because at home she's not a messy person, but in my trailer, she... stuff was everywhere.... I'm the opposite. I'm messy at home. Next time things will be a little different.

Question : Hi David. I wanted to ask you if on your show, JAG, do you get any
information or insight from the "real" military on how things work?

EADavidJE : Yes. The marine Corp is extremely cooperative... they'll let us shoot on their bases... use their tanks. We've been to 29 Palms and other bases... we shoot blanks, but they let us use their weapons. The Navy is starting to come around a bit. The show has been nothing but recruitment for them... we're hoping they'll be more cooperative.

Question : David.. Hi.. If you could have a dream film.. who would be in it and What would it be.. action.. sci-fi?

EADavidJE : I guess...these are tough for me cause whatever I'm working on is what I'm into... I would love to do Shakespeare... in theater or a movie. I like anything as long as it's good. But I'm not tied down to a genre. I'm not big on horror films though.

Question : Will their be a next season for JAG.. and could you do one thing for me.. could you say..."I love you Marty"

EADavidJE : I love you Marty......God bless you! It looks really good for the next season on JAG. The show's doing great. We're planning to be around.

Question : Which one of your leading ladies gets along best with Harm, and did
you know I'm better looking?<eg>

EADavidJE : My past leads? The women on the show? They all got along. I don't
understand the question. He was probably the most flirtatious with Pike. Send in your picture and we'll let you know!

Question : Will Petty Officer Tyner be coming back next season?

EADavidJE : You'd have to talk to his agent... I don't really know. he did a show a couple of shows ago... you'd have to ask him.

Question : Hi David! I love JAG! Great remake of Holiday Affair! What was it like working with Lisa Kudrow? Is she as much fun as she seems?

EADavidJE : Thanks! It was great making it. I didn't get to work with Lisa that much, but she seemed very nice. She's a very talented woman.

Question : What can we expect in the future of JAG?

EADavidJE : Somebody's getting married... we're supposed to find the truth about dad... somebody is going to be taken out by a bullet... One of the writers wanted to kill somebody... so that's coming up.

Question : David, did you ever thank your parents or orthodontist for that beautiful smile of yours that we all enjoy???

EADavidJE : Thank you ... I've never had an orthodonist, but thank you.

Question : How hard is it to get the Navy Tech-speak down?

EADavidJE : I've worked with great technical consultant... and he tells us the jargon. I read the training manuals... several manuals... three years of being drilled by this consultant...

Question : How many hours a week do you tape for the show

EADavidJE : We work 5 days a week... generally the average day is 14 hours. I guess 70 hours a week. Some weeks are longer... some shorter.

Question : Do you read? If so, what?

EADavidJE : I read... I love to read... if I'm on a break, I like to read garbage stuff like Tom Clancy, and I like Shakespeare... and a lot of factual stuff, I'm reading about William Blake right now.

Question : When is Clock watchers coming out?

EADavidJE : Soon I think... I don't have the exact date. I play their boss... I can't remember his name. It's about these temp workers in an office. and these four women in the office... Lisa Kudrow, Parker Posey and they're temps in this office. It was fun working with these actresses...everyone was very excited. It was groovy to be there. No one was there for the money, so it was fun.

EAMC Host : What happened after PEOPLE named you one of the most "beautiful

EADavidJE : Nothing. I kept waiting for something to happen. It was flattering. It came too late for me... I was getting married. I think the mail added up... I didn't notice anything immediately. I'm not too tuned into that thing. The show keeps growing, and that's were I get recognized.

Question : Hi, I'd like to know how you met your wife for the first time. Give us some anecdotes, please. ^_^

EADavidJE : I had a series in Canada for four years... Street Legal, and my wife worked on it briefly. I remember trying to start a conversation with her and she shot me down... then a few weeks later an AD told me she knew someone who liked me... and I wasn't seeing anyone at the time... so one night I called her... and I didn't know who it was until we met up after a phone conversation and I was stunned to see it was her.

Question : Does being a sex symbol bother you or your wife

EADavidJE : Doesn't bother me. I think my wife is fairly secure. Occasionally she'll get annoyed by a fan who'll get too forward.

Question : Are you anything like your character in life?

EADavidJE : I don't think... I think I'm a nice guy, he's a nice guy. I'm driven, he's driven... otherwise, he's a bit more anal than I am. We look the same.

EAMC Host : We are taking one last question everyone!

Question : What would you like to do after (hopefully that won't be for a LONG

EADavidJE : I want to do movies and some more theater. And we'll see how I feel about doing another series. I'd like to do more movies and spend more time with my child... just groove.

EAMC Host : David, thanks so much for joining us.

EADavidJE : Thank you. It was a pleasure. Everyone, keep watching JAG!

EAMC Host : For more on JAG, and all your favorite Sci-Fi shows check out Entertainment Asylum Sci-FI Zone! Keyword "Sci Fi Zone" or as always, "Asylum"
Thanks for joining us everyone!

(c) 1998 America Online & Entertainment Asylum

More about this Event: 

01/26 "JAG" Star David James Elliott 10:00pm ET (Bowl)

Entertainment Asylum stands at attention for J*A*G on America Online! David James Elliott, the Judge Advocate General on the hit series J*A*G will chat LIVE on Monday, January 26 at 10pm ET (7pm PT) in the Bowl Auditorium. 


David James Elliott continues to heat up the ratings in his third season as Lt. Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr., a Navy lawyer and officer in the Navy's Judge Advocate General (JAG) corps in CBS' one-hour dramatic adverture series, J*A*G.

Prior to his role on J*A*G, Elliott was probably best known to television audiences for his recurring role on MELROSE PLACE as Terry Parsons, a charming yet conniving addict who has an affair with Alison. Elliott, however, credits his one-time gig as Carl the moving guy on SEINFELD for opening the doors to his current success.

Prior to that, Elliott distinguished himself guest-starred on such series as DOOGIE HOWSER, M.D., CHINA BEACH, THE HITCHHIKER and DARK JUSTICE. In 1992, he landed a recurring role as a professional baseball player opposite Nicolette Sheridan on KNOTS LANDING and later that year, he starred in the syndicated series, THE UNTOUCHABLES. Elliott also portrayed the alcoholic husband of Dottie West in the TV movie, BIG DREAMS AND BROKEN HEARTS: THE DOTTIE WEST STORY and the NBC mini-series, DEGREES OF GUILT.

During J*A*G's last production hiatus, David completed filming the Sundance feature, CLOCKWATCHERS in which he stars opposite Parker Posey, Toni Collette and Lisa Kudrow. The film, scheduled for release this April, offers a whimsical look at life in the workplace through the eyes of four "temps," one of whom reports to Elliott.

David currently enjoys life with his wife and three-year old daughter.

For the latest scoop on your favorite stars, check out the Entertainment Asylum at Keyword Asylum. 

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Date: January 26

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