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June 21, 2009

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GP:   George Pennacchio, ABC7 Entertainment Reporter
D:    David James Elliott
N:    Natasha Henstridge

N:    What I always say is that it's just a classic disaster movie basically.

GP:    In the mini-series "Impact", a meteor hits the moon and changes its polarity, and that puts it on a collision course with Earth.  Natasha Henstridge and David James Elliott play members of an international team of scientists, who are charged with trying to save the world.  These roles gave them some technical, tongue-twisting scientific dialog.

GP:    Elliott's a familiar face to TV viewers.  But while the former JAG star has a knack for playing heroes, he'd love the chance to some day go to the dark side.

(David speaks softly and gestures)
N:    He's doing his Brando!  Brando's coming out!

D:    I don't know where that role is.  These things where I save the world often come together. 

GP:    Elliott has seen his TV career come together over the years, and would welcome the chance to return to a weekly series.

D:    I enjoyed it.   I enjoyed the whole process.  You know, practicing the craft everyday.  I think it's time.  I've had some time off.   I think I could envision it again, if television survives this insane business that's changing every minute it seems, you know?

N:    I love doing movies, television, whatever it is, when the writing's good, and you feel invested in the project.  That's where I want to be, and obviously working, creating and doing something of interest.  I think that's the goal.  That's the main thing for me.

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