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25 Things You Didn't Know About TV Lawyers
Oct 22, 2006
TV Guide Channel


As an intro to the show they flashed an old clip of David:

DJE: "That would be a 'Tune in and find out question'"

The discussion item was on ' legalese' and we see a very quick clip . . .

DJE: "I sit with a dictionary when I learn my dialog."






The first time we actually 'see' an interview. . .

DJE: "I play James Conlon, Assistant DA, the new boss...this character does not fight cases in the court room, he is behind the scenes."

The next time we see David the discussion item is the perks to playing a TV lawyer . . .

DJE: "When they call for jury duty I let them know I am definitely available if anyone wants advice ... I hoped that would sway them to excuse me early ... not that I would shirk my civic duty ...


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