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Street Legal

DJE was cast in 1985 in this long-running CBC legal soap opera as Toronto police officer/detective Nick Del Gado, the young and hunky new love interest for Carrie Barr, the lead female lawyer. Carrie was a few years older than Nick, and was ready to settle down, something that Nick was not quite prepared for yet. Carrie's decision to adopt an abandoned girl causes an unreconcilable rift. For although Nick loves children, and got on famously with the child, he did not want a ready-made family. Meanwhile, Nick is getting disillusioned with his work as a police detective. He resigned, and started up a private investigation agency. When DJE left the series in 1989, Nick was headed to Florida, to greener pastures.

DJE's Episodes:

Season Three - The Homecoming; Mondo Condo; Murder by Video; Whose Woods are These; Act of Silence; Equal Partners; Cat and Mouse; Basketball Story; Principles; Brotherhood.

Season Four - Soul Custody; Partners and Other Strangers; Without Prejudice; See No Evil; The Cradle will Rock; Complete Offer; Confession; Home; Blue Collar; Security Exchange; The Bracelet; Leon's Story; Wedding; The Godfather of Mimico; Suite Sixteen.

Season Five - Spare Parts; The Psychic; Softshell; Tyger Tyger; Murder; The Cookies Crumble; The Prosecution; Election Day; The Truth.

Season Six - The Legacy of Stanley Wall