The Hitchhiker
Season 5, Episode 5-22: Cruelest Cut. Original airdate: November 18, 1989

DJE, as David Elliott, plays Jason, a Harvard man with money and a fancy car.

Set in the sordid world of prostitution, the story opens with the murder of a john by a hooker. At the crime scene, we meet Sterling, a hooker who is tough enough to survive on the streets. Is she the killer? She's at odds with her pimp. Then into her dangerous and loveless world comes Jason, like a white knight. He rescues her from her abusive pimp and offers her love, respect and protection. Sterling is wary but falls genuinely in love with him. They spend a wonderful night together. Next morning, he insists on taking her back to her apartment so she could pack her belongings, to move in with him, or so she thinks. Her pimp is waiting for her there. She manages to escape from him and runs to Jason. She finds him working the exact same line on another hooker. Heartbroken, she at first wants to kill him, then finds within herself the courage and strength to walk away. Undeterred by his narrow escape, Jason immediately goes back to his latest victim. But this isn't a victim. Jason has found the killer.

(The Hitchhiker, while not the kind of quality usually expected of DVD's, is available on DVD)