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Adderly: Year of the Tiger

In this 1986 episode of the TV spy spoof series Adderly, DJE played a young SWAT commando who was rather smitten by Mona, Adderly's secretary. His job is to lead one of the tactical teams into the fictitious Raj Jampur embassy, where an inept family of neophyte terrorists is holding several people hostage, among them Adderly. Mona takes advantage of the young commando's interest in her to use his equipment (a crossbow) to send vital information to Adderly. As a result, when the tactical teams break into the embassy, they find the terrorists frantically disarming the bombs and apologizing profusely. Roaming through all this brouhaha is the Ambassador's special guest of honour - a very hungry tiger. Why a tiger? As one of the terrorists observed, "This is the tiger's year." According to the Chinese zodiac, 1986 was the year of the tiger.

Special thanks to Claire for the DVD!