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Knots Landing
Season 14, episodes 330-332: Love and Death, The Price, Bye-Bye Love

Dec, 3,10 & 17, 1992

David James Elliott guest-starred as Bill Nolan, a former major league pitcher who had led his team to four World Series titles and still owns the single season shut-out record. His career was cut short by an injury. He and his former teammate, catcher Cliff Templeton, are looking for funds to build a sports complex for under priviledged youth.   Bill butts heads with Paige (Nicollette Sheridan) right from the begining when he mistakes her for a secretary and asks her for some coffee.  Romance does insue, but Greg cuts short the budding romance by arranging a lucrative offer for Bill from a baseball team in Japan. Bill wants to play ball again, but is willing to give up this dream offer for Paige. Paige, however, cannot bring herself to commit.  Bill leaves for Japan.

David performs a very sweet rendition of 
"Good night, sweetheart".  (click to listen)  (The video clip is also available - #5)

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