Hercules: Hero in Training
Episode: Twilight of the Gods, 1998

David James Elliott was the voice of mighty Thor, the thunder god, in this episode of the animated series about the young Hercules. You have to listen closely for the characteristic undertones to hear his voice as we have grown to know it. These sound clips from the episode give an idea of DJE's remarkable range and talent.

The sound clips are in MP3 format.



Loki, the trickster god, wants to get Thor out of the thunder god business. The prophecy says that Thor will wield his Hammer to stop Ragnarök - the Twilight of the Gods - win the battle against the powers of evil and save all the gods.

Loki talks Odin into pitting Hercules against Thor for the job of thunder god: "an audition, my boy against your boy, winner gets his name in northern lights."

Odin is dubious: "The son of Odin against him? ... He of the sinewy calves, wielder of the iron gloves, wearer of the magic girdle ... Behold! my boy Thor!"

Thor and Hercules Thor is contemptuous of Hercules and is beating the tar out of him until Loki breaks the rules of fair play and sneaks a fireball to flatten Thor.
Keys to the chariot Poor Thor! He is stripped of his godhood, his iron gloves, his magic girdle, his hammer, and even his lovingly customized goat-drawn chariot.
Thor Hercules is delighted with his new godhood. He's sorry for Thor but he likes being a god! Thor, however, has a dire warning for him.

It didn't take long for Hercules to realize he was no thunder god.

Thor Hercules is losing badly against Loki when Thor shows up. But Loki is too strong and Thor is no longer a god. Loki makes Thor into an ice cube.
Thor Thor is in despair as the sun is swallowed.
Thor and proud papa Odin


Thor tells Hercules he's helpless unless Hercules gives him back his godhood.

His godhood restored, Thor goes into battle.

Hercules saves the day (it's his show!), with the help of Thor's Hammer. Thor invites Herc to stay, and is very puzzled when Herc declines.