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David James Elliott - Talks with Dennis Miller promoting The Storm

July 31, 2009
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DM)    Dennis Miller
DJE)  David James Elliott

DM) We are joined now by an actor David James Elliott and you know him, a 10 season run on TV, can I tell you something, that says a lot about your like ability quotient and your chops, because who gets 10 years on TV, it's kind of like that Freddie Dryer movie where you wake up and it has been a decade and the cat has a hit show on JAG and now he has this mini-series, The Storm, it concludes this Sunday at 9pm/8pm central on NBC, and this is David James Elliott. JAG - what's shaking?

DJE) Hey, good, nice to be here, thanks guys.

DM) Beautiful, I was down in Gitmo recently performing and I met a bunch of the JAGs, down there and it's funny how ... it's nice how you have given a face and a name to that brief abbreviation 'cause when you meet these kids they must have dug the fact that they were in the limelight for a good decade. I don't think anybody knew about them before hand. Do you get a lot of that when you meet them?

DJE) We went to the Pentagon once and it was like the Beatles had arrived ...

DM) [Laughing] It must be nice...

DJE) Dennis - I gotta tell you I am a HUGE fan of yours ...

DM) Well thank you, JAG, ah, Davey, I appreciate that my friend. And now we've got The Storm coming up Sunday, the final segment, how did the first one do for you and what can we expect to see this Sunday? Tell us a little about the plot and stuff.

DJE) Well, I play Gen. Braxton, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a patriot, and along with Treat Williams' character who is a uh... insanely wealthy man considers himself a patriot, and he has come up with a way to manipulate weather, and so I take it to the first logical step which is to weaponise it, and use it to maintain America's world dominance.

DM) [laughing] I love that - somebody's gonna do it - why not us?

DJE) Why not us.

DM) Well that's my feeling on it, honest to God, people say that's crazy but I want our guys to be the first at the party because I know if the psychos get there they are going to use it ..

DJE) [interjecting] I'm with you!

DM) Yeah!

DJE) Right!

DM) Well they would use it far more liberally than we would use it. I know we would use it as a last thing, they would use it as the first thing so why not camp out on it to make sure it is in good hands.

DJE) I think you need to be the big guy on the block and then you can control the little maniacs ...

DM) There you go! Now you are on this shoot with Johnny Larroquette too, how was John? Did you have scenes with him.

DJE) I didn't have any scenes with him but I know him, he is a great guy. Met him a few times, I really like John. I worked mostly with Treat, who is also a great guy, ya know, master thespian,

DM) Oh Treat has got monster chops, you go back and watch Prince of the City and you don't know whether to bet him or DeNiro as the next big thing I mean he was monsterous in that thing and then you have got young Luke Perry and James Van DerBeek, now if I was on the shoot, I would spend all day trying to confirm rumors they are the same guy, Luke Perry and Jimmy VanDerBeek, do you see any difference there?

DJE) [chuckling] One is taller than the other so there is that... so unless he is wearing lifts in his, I never saw them together so you may not be far from the truth.

DM) Now, Jim, how long did your circuitous route take you before you got to JAG, everybody always has a really long trek that leads them to their gig, what was yours, you dropped out of High School I read ...

DJE) I ah - No I went to college,

DM) [interjecting]Oh ya did?

DJE) I studied acting, I did a lot of theater, I was up in Canada and did a series up there, I moved down here, I did a series for late night CBS, it lasted a season, then I was on The Untouchables, we shot that in Chicago, it went two years, then I came back did a few pilots ya know, knocked around guest starring on various shows, did some movies, and then finally I got JAG.

DM) Well, I tell you what, it was a great ride for you David James Elliott, in JAG, now we've got The Storm, it concludes this Sunday, 9pm/8pm central on NBC, 10 years on JAG, and I was wondering I always love to figure out the Ed O'Neill Al Bundy moment like in what season do have to call in with what malady to get backend profit particpation, because there is always that moment when you have to get cut in.

DJE) Every two years you have to re-negotiate, you probably know that Dennis.

DM) Nah, nah, I've never been in a long run like that, baby, I have a gorilla warfare career, where I hit quickly and go back to the mountain top campfire with the need I've captured in town and then I get whacked after six months but the 10 year run I haven't had. I thought to get profit participation you had to call in sick one day.

DJE) Yeah well you get there, if I told you the technique, it might come back to haunt ya,

DM) [laughing] You would have to sue me ...

DJE) [laughing] The lawyer calls you and tells you today is the day for the 'blue flu'

DM) [laughing] All right, thanks for the candor, David James Elliott, we appreciate it, watch him as Gen. Braxton in The Storm this Sunday, 9pm/8pm central on NBC, we appreciate your time, brother, we will talk at you down the road.