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David James Elliott - Competitor Radio
Feb 14, 2012

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BB:   Welcome to The Competitors.  My name is Bob Babbitt.  His name is Paul Huddle.  We're brought to you every Sunday night..........(more opening remarks).  So speaking of Ironman, our first guest--
PH:   Yes.
BB:   Ironman--
PH:   Yes.
BB:   Marathoner--
PH:   Yes.
BB:   Star of TV show JAG for 10 seasons--
PH:   Oh, yeah.  Heart throb.
BB:   Absolutely.  Total huge, huge friend of endurance sports--
PH:   Yep.
BB:   Mr. David James Elliott.  David, how are you?
DJE:   I'm good!  Thanks, gentlemen, for having me on your show.
BB:   You know what, it has been a while.
DJE:   It has been.  Too long.

BB:   Now I hear that you are moving into the paddle sport--a little paddle boarding or stand-up paddle.  What are you doing?
DJE:   Paddle board, man. You know I got bit by the paddle board bug.  You know my knees blew out, and I was looking for ways to continue to, you know, get my heart rate up.
BB:   Yeah. 
DJE:   And oddly, you know, the first time I went out paddle boarding, I was floundering out there, and I see this guy coming from a distance, and I'm on a Laird board.  And he's coming and he's coming.  So I'm thinking, aw this guy's doing so well, and I'm looking appalling.  And who is it?  It's Laird Hamilton.  (Laughter)
PH:   Oh, no way.
DJE:   Like he worked with me for 20 minutes.  So my first paddle board lesson on a Laird board was from Laird. 
BB:   Oh, that is amazing.

PH:   So, David, just to be clear, you're doing standup paddling, right?  Not prone paddle boarding.
DJE:   Standup paddle.  Standup paddling, okay.
PH:   Standup paddling.  Got it.  Got it.
DJE:   Right.

BB:   He's already signed up for Molokai Channel, Huddle.
DJE:   That's right.
PH:   Molokai to Oahu.
BB:   That shouldn't be a problem.  How far is that?
PH:   The grand-daddy.  32 miles.
DJE:   32 miles?
BB:   Yeah. So you're up for that, right?
DJE:   Yeah, man!  Listen, I was speaking to my good close pal, Royce Graci today, who also has the standup paddle bug, 'cause I introduced him to it, and I believe he wants
to do it as well. 
BB:   That is--we could have a big celeb contingent out there.
PH:   Yeah, yeah, that could be absolutely huge.
DJE:   Be pretty cool.

PH:   So David, have you done some paddle board racing?
DJE:   I went out--  You know we're kind of unofficially, Royce and I both are like the unofficial celebrity members of the Team Riviera paddle team, which Danny Ching who's...
BB:   Oh yeah!  We know Danny very well.
PH:   Absolutely.
DJE: Planet Danny, and Maximus, another incredible guy.  We went out with them and did like an epic 10 mile paddle.  I've gone on some long paddles.  I haven't done a race yet.  So I thought Molokai'd be a good first race.
PH:   What a great way to start.  Just pick the hardest, narlyest thing you can find...
BB:   Absolutely!
PH:   ...and give it a go.
BB:   Well, look it.  (Laughter)  His first lesson's from Laird Hamilton, right? And then he's hanging out with Danny.
DJE:   Once you've started with Laird, where do you go from there?!
BB:   Exactly.  Exactly.
DJE:   Straight to Molokai.  (Laughter)
PH:   Straight to the channel of bones.
DJE:   Yep.

BB:   So David, when you're doing a show like you did, "JAG" 10 seasons, and then...
DJE:   See, that was an endurance sport there. 
BB:   I was going to say!  (Laughter)  'Cause most shows--isn't it very rare for a show to go that long?
DJE:   It was one of the--you know, a few have--yes, extremely rare.  It's one of the longest running shows, I don't know--the top 25 or something longest running television shows ever.  So it was difficult.  It probably could have gone on for another season, but I just couldn't--I just couldn't.  There was nothing left. 
BB:   No more "Ham", huh?
DJE:   I had no more--yeah, no more "Ham" left  (Laughter).  It was gone. (David laughs)
BB:   That is funny.  Does a day go by that people don't recognize you as "Ham"?
DJE:   Um, you know what--no.  I don't think there--I don't think there is.  I'm up here in the middle of nowhere, presently filming this little vampire movie called "Rufus", and I got recognized at the grocery store--a big scene.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:  Yeah, 'cause it's still on, Bob!
PH:   Hey, tell me about it.
DJE:   It's still running on TV.  It's on two different channels.  It'll run forever.  We did 250 episodes.  My Mother watched one of them and was talking to me today. She goes "Oh, it's the one with, you know, the helicopter pilot....." I said, Mom! (Laughter)  I did so many shows, I don't know what any of them were about. (Laughter)  I don't remember anything!
BB:   The funny thing to me is when it aired on NBC in 1995, and they cancelled the
DJE:   Yeah.
BB:   And then CBS picks it up, and I'm sure they're not thinking "we're going to
go nine more years with this thing".
DJE:   No--and then we crushed NBC.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   Everything they put up against us, we killed them.
BB:   How fun was that?
DJE:   It was fun, but I think--I think they might have had a bit of a resentment.  I've never worked for NBC again. 

BB:   Along those lines, how tough is it when you're playing one character for so many years?  Is it tough when you go to read for other stuff afterwards?
DJE:   I think there's a period where you have to kinda go away, where they don't really--you know, where it's--you need some time for people to forget. And thankfully, people forget pretty quickly in America.
BB:   They do.
DJE:   So, you know, I have a new show coming out now, called "GCB", on ABC.  It starts airing on March 4th, coming up soon, right after "Desperate Housewives", Sundays at....
BB:   10:00 o'clock.
DJE:   10:00 o'clock, thank you.
BB:   Well, actually....
PH:   No, no, no.  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute. What does "GCB" stand for.  You're killing me.
DJE:   Well, it was based on a book called "Good Christian Bitches".  (Laughter) Okay?  And that...
BB:   I think we can say that.
PH:   We're allowed to say that.  Absolutely. 
BB:   Yeah, yeah.
DJE:   Okay, right.  But that wasn't flying so well.  But I think that they let it be the working title, because I think they were trying to, you know, go with the little controversy that it would create.  Then it became "Good Christian Belles".
BB:   Yeah.
PH:   No.
DJE:   Then they just found that "GCB" was what everybody referred to it as.  So they decided, in their infinite wisdom, that that was going to be the name of the show.  So call it what you will.

PH:   What is the gist of "GCB"? 
DJE:   It's a comedy about Dallas high society.  It's this girl--you know there was this group--
BB:   Leslie Bibb.
DJE:  Leslie Bibb, the mean girl from high school...
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:, because of a turn of events--her husband has an affair, winds up running off with her friend and dies, and she's penniless with kids--and she has to go home to her Mom, who is very wealthy, living in the famous Dallas suburb, which name escapes me at the moment.  And the girls are there sharpening their fingernails, you know, waiting for her to return, because they no longer....
PH:   Oh, she was the bad girl--she was a bad girl.
DJE:  The mean girl that tortured all these other girls, who are now on top of Dallas society. (Laughter)
PH:   Ah!
DJE:  I play the husband of Kristen Chenoweth.  My name is Ripp Cockburn. (Laughter) An oil billionaire.
PH:   I don't know that you're allowed to say that on radio  (Laughter)
BB:   Ripp Cockburn--Love it!
DJE:   That was it.  When they told me the name, I said, I'm in  (Laughter)
BB:   So your wife's name is Carlene Cockburn.
DJE:   Carlene Cockburn. Certainly...
BB:   Yeah, yeah.  And Gigi Stopper.  That's a good name, I like that.
DJE:   Gigi Stopper is um... is um...
BB:   That's Annie Potts.
DJE:  Annie Potts.
BB:   Yeah, yeah, yeah.  And what I love is Leslie Bibb.  Huddle, remember
"Talledega Nights"?
PH:   Yes.
BB:   His hot smokin wife?
PH:   Yes.
BB:   That's her.
DJE:   Mmm.
PH:   Love that.
BB:   Yeah, yeah, yeah.  So how fun has this one been, David?
DJE:   It's a gas, it's a gas.  And Robert Harling--the man who wrote "Steel Magnolias" and "First Wives Club" among others--big, very, very talented comedic writer--he created it.  Darren Star produces it, alongside with Robert.  And so he certainly knows how to write about it.  He's from Texas.  He knows Southern women very well.  And he understands comedy like nobody, and he writes comedy with a heart, so it's just a gas.  Been great.  The cast is very talented.  You know, I can't say enough about how much fun it's been.
PH:   And when is the first episode going to be showing?
DJE:   March 4th.
PH:   March 4th.
BB:   And you know the lead in for that, Huddle, is "The Competitive Radio Show"--we're 9 to 10 you know, or 8 to 9, and they're 9 to 10, right?
PH:   Holy cow.
DJE:   Tivo or Hulu or...
BB:   Exactly--all that good stuff.
DJE:   They can't miss anything anymore!
BB:   No.
PH:   No, no excuse.
DJE:   They should record it--who could sit and watch it with the commercials, anyway?
BB:   Exactly.  They drive you nuts.
DJE:   Yeah.

BB:   So this--it sounds like this show is "Dallas" with a little "Desperate Housewives".
DJE:   Well, you know...
BB:   But funnier.
DJE:   I think originally that was the thing, when it started off.  Oddly, the show continued to evolve.  And they thought it was going to be--because they call "Desperate Housewives" a dramedy--this thing became an all out comedy.  So it may
really be the first hour-long comedy ever.  You know, usually comedy is relegated to the half hour slot. 
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   But this one gets pretty--pretty ridiculously funny. (Laughter) So we're an hour long comedy.
PH:   So David, what would you compare this to?  I mean, I'm sitting here trying to imagine it.  Initially, I thought it was going to be just like a "Desperate Housewives".
DJE:   You know what I would compare it to?  A really funny TV show.  (Laughter)
BB:   That is funny.
PH:   Alright!  Well, you know.
DJE:  (Laughing)  I can't compare--it compares to nothing.

PH:   So David, what got you into the whole endurance sports?  Was it running to begin with?
DJE:   Yeah, it was running.  I was always a track and field guy when I was in school, you know.  Running was my thing.  I just loved to run.  I ran cross country, and then I got away from it, because, you know, life took some twists and turns.
BB:   Sure.
DJE:   I started smoking cigarettes is what happened...
BB:   Nice.
PH:   That's kinda cool.
DJE:  ...and I took a bad turn, you know.  And I got into the arts, and I thought drinking and smoking cigarettes was the way to go.
BB:   Of course.
DJE:  Then I woke up one day and went, Oh My God!  This has got to stop.  So I quit everything over 20 years ago, and I started taking my extreme behavior in a different direction.  And I'd always wanted to run a marathon.  So my first
marathon, I had my pal ride his bike beside me and hand me bananas and drinks, and I just went out and ran 26 miles.  Almost killed me.
BB:   On your own.
DJE:   Yeah, on my own.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   And then I ran an official marathon.  And then I wanted to do the Ironman. And that's how I wound up, I think...
BB:   Yep.
DJE:   ...when I found you...
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   ...after beating you once in a race, I think.  Where were we when I beat you?
BB:   Arizona.  You crunched me--yeah.
DJE:   Arizona.  I crunched you in Arizona.  But you were dressed like Elvis (Laughter) But I got you when you were dressed like a normal athlete somewhere.  I remember seeing you (David laughs) like, you know, 20 yards from the finish line--"That's that Bob Babbitt".
PH:   Go get him.
DJE:   I gotta beat him.
BB:   You and everybody else.
DJE:   And I raced ahead of you and beat you by a couple of seconds, and that was everything to me.
PH:   Now, did you think, 'that's Bob Babbitt' or did you think ' that's not Elvis'?
BB:   Exactly.
DJE:   I just thought "God"... (Laughter)
BB:   He saw my--he saw...
DJE:   ..."What the heck is Elvis doing out of costume? That can't be Elvis,"
BB:   He saw this guy with a hairy back and thought, 'I'd better run by him'.  Nice.
(Laughter) So you finish a couple of marathons, and then decide to do an Ironman.
The training for Ironman--did that surprise you?  Just how you...
DJE:   Yeah, it surprised me.  You know, I had started doing it once before.  I was training and I was training, and then I was directing an episode of JAG.  It was about three weeks before we were going to do Florida--me and my buddy Coco, who you know...
BB:   Oh yeah.
DJE:   And I went to a wedding in New York, and I was lacing up my shoes for my last long run.  I was going to go out and run 25 (miles) in New York somewhere by myself.  I bent over to tie my shoe, and my back went out.
BB:   Oh!
DJE:   I missed the wedding that I flew out there for.  My wife was like--'I'm going to kill you'. (Laughter) I just can't believe it.  I was on the floor of the hotel room for three days.  They had to bring in a doctor.  Drugged me into oblivion with, you know, muscle relaxers, and fly me back.  And so I missed that one.
BB:   Right.
DJE:   So, you know, then I started training again.  I was determined.  And we got hooked up and invited to do Kona.  And the training--I gotta tell you, by the time the race came, I was really ready for it to be over.
BB:   Right.  Yeah.
DJE:   I mean, I was so sick of the training, and then, you know what...
BB:   it all gells...gells quickly.
DJE:   ...the moment it was over, I couldn't wait to do it again.  (Laughter)  I mean, I got on the treadmill and ran 6 miles the next day.
BB:   Did you really?
PH:   That's sick.
DJE:   Yeah.  And then I flew to Italy after that, and I ran all over Italy.  And then one day I laced up my shoes to go running, I took a step, and a searing pain in my knee, and it was over.
BB:   Really?!
DJE:   And haven't been able to run since.
PH:   What did you do to your knee?
DJE:   Cartilage--I cracked the cartilage in one knee.
PH:   Meniscus.
DJE:   Had that repaired.  Um...and then I ran a little longer after that, and then cartilage degenerated in the other knee.  I got bald patches.  They went in and I had both knees scoped, and they just said--I can run now--you know, I can't 'run'. But if I had to run for a movie, I can run, thankfully so.  At least I got that.  I know guys who can't even do that.  So...
BB:   Wow.
DJE:   And then I started riding and swimming, and then this paddling thing was just so great.  I've always loved the water, and I can get out there, and it's a meditation like running was.  That's what I missed, you know.  That you're out,
you're alone, you can just go--just you and your thoughts.  And paddling is like that for me.  So...
BB:   Any big fish?
DJE:   Well, thankfully I haven't seen any big ones yet.  We see a lot of dolphin out there.  But hey, you know, I'm a kind of guy--you gotta die sometime, and if a big fish has to eat me, then okay, whatever.  At least it'll be quick, right?!  (Laughter)
BB:   Exactly.
PH:   That's true, good point.
DJE:   I get guys who go, 'I'm not going out there man--they've got sharks out there'.  Hey, you know, you can get hit by a car, too.
BB:   If your name is Ripp Cockburn, I don't think you're worried about much.
PH:   No, no.
DJE:   Thank you.  Ripp Cockburn!
PH:   You're a bad man.

BB:   When you got the script for this thing, and you went in and they said, 'Hey you're going to be playing this character, Ripp Cockburn', did you just look at them like, 'are you guys serious?!'
DJE:   I heard that name, and I was immediately intrigued, and I definitely want to meet these guys.  So I went in, you know (Laughter).  And Ripp and Carlene are-- they go at each other pretty regularly, more so than probaby two married couples-- a married couple on average would do.  And I just wanted to make sure that that's not all he was about, you know.  What was Ripp, anyway.  Is he just, I mean. is it  strictly, is he just a stunt guy for (David whistles), you know.  And they said, 'Oh no!  Oh my God, no!"
BB:   Is he a good guy, bad guy?
DJE:   He's a good guy.  He's a powerful, powerful man, Bob--(Laughter)--Ripp Cockburn--I mean, you know, he holds people in his hands like so many nickels and dimes.  He's the richest man on the block.
PH:   Yeah.
DJE:   But he's a good man.  But he has his moments when he can be a bad man, too. You don't want to get on his bad side.
PH:   Is that name--is that the best name you've ever had for a character?
BB:  Ever?
DJE:  Ever, ever.
PH:   Yeah.  Is there anything that's close?
DJE:   No, I don't anything could come close to that--Ripp Cockburn--on any show ever--I don't know. Roger Ramjet was pretty cool, I guess for...
BB:   You should--that's a good twitter handle, I think.
DJE:   That'd be a good porn name, too--Ripp Cockburn?
BB:   Oh well, that goes without saying. (Laughter)
PH:   Very close to Rooster Cogburn.
DJE:   Yeah, but even a little better.
BB:   No, I think it's definitely a little better.
PH:   Yeah, a little better.
DJE:   A little more sexual overtone--Ripp Cockburn.
PH:   I reckon.

BB:   So when you guys are shooting this show, is it like everyday 8 hours, or what's the schedule?
DJE:   8 hours?!  Good Lord, man!  That's a...
BB:   That's a slow day, right?
DJE:   An average day shooting--a good day--like where you go, "Oh my God", we're going home early" is 12 hours.
BB:   Really?!
DJE:   Yeah, anything under that is not a real day.  I mean...
BB:   Wow!
DJE:   You know, but you're all--  Like the good think about this show is it's an
PH:  Yeah.
DJE:   And so I'm not getting killed.  I already did the thing where I was doing 18 hour days for 10 years.  You can have that job.  I did my time.
BB:   'Cause you were in every scene.
DJE:   I was in everything all the time, never saw my family, my daughter didn't even know who I was.  She used to think I didn't live there.  She thought--the poor kid thought I lived in the trailer, you know (Laughter)
BB:   When you think about it, how old was your daughter...
DJE:   (Laughs) That was about the only time she ever saw me.  I was home long after she went to bed, and I was gone before she got up.
PH:   Oh man.
BB:   How old was she when you started on JAG?
DJE:   Um, she was like 2.
BB:   So from 2 to 12, she basically didn't see you.
DJE:   Yeah, yeah, exactly.
BB:   Wow!
DJE:   You know, I don't think it was a good thing.  I mean, you know, I'm getting to know her now. I'm not around a lot, but you know, I had to knock out the rent, so...
BB:   Yeah, absolutely.
DJE:   She's in college now.
BB:   Wow!
DJE:   So she's gone.  Luckily I have an 8 year old, you know, so I won't make the same mistake with him. But I still--so it's nice to work, but the days are not that long.  They're pretty comfortable on this show.  They're not killing anybody.  JAG
just annihilated everybody.

BB:   Yeah.  And do you get time during that day where you can get some training in?
Or what do you do?
DJE:   Well, you know, I'll tell you what--when I was doing JAG, I was training for the Ironman.  And thankfully Coco was on the show, and he's as whacked as I am.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   And so, you know, we'd work 14 hours, and I'd go, "alright, meet me by the
trailer", lace up the shoes, and go do a quick 8 (miles), you know.
BB:   Wow!
DJE:   Coming in, if you ever had a slightly pushed call or something, you know. 'Cause thankfully you have a 12 hour turnaround.  So whenever you finish, you get 12 hours before you have to start again, unless they force you, and then they got to pay you a bunch of money extra to do that, so they don't like to do it.  And we would meet at the pool in the morning, you know, and get the swim in.  So, yeah, you find time, you know.  But then you would lie to your wife about it--"Yeah, I gotta go in, yeah".  "Cause if she goes, 'wait a minute--you're always working, and you can be here, but you're going to swim? (Laughter)  Maybe we should just call this whole thing off'. (Laughter)  No, no, they're calling me in early!  It wasn't that I was  cheating.  I was swimming, you know?
BB:   Same thing.
PH:   Yeah.
DJE:   The pool was my mistress.
BB:   So are you still following all of the sports that you love--running, cycling, triathlon--are you keeping up with it at all?
DJE:   Yeah, I mean, yeah.  I was listening to you talk about Lance.  You know, I follow stuff to a degree.  I'm a sporty guy, you know.  I love it.  My daughter was a big swimmer.  She swam in leagues and stuff, and she wanted to swim at college, but she injured her shoulder, and that dream disappeared on her.  But I'm a big fan of
sport--of endurance sports.

PH:   David, of the things you did, in terms of the, you know, the feeling afterwards,
was Ironman the high?
DJE:   Yeah, it was the high, yeah.  I really wanted to do it again, too.  Because when I did it, I did the training, and I thought--I was doubting that the training was going to show up.  So I was a little nervous, you know. And I did it in, what,  11 1/2 hours?
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   I know I could do better!  Oh, no, I did it in 13 1/2 hours--sorry--seemed longer.  But, I mean, I finished it.  But I thought I held back in the bike and the marathon, and I know I could go faster, you know.  I thought, I could do this in 11
BB:   Sure.
DJE:   I'm a big guy.  I'm 6'4", 220, you know.  I mean, it's not really--I'm not the ideal physical specimen for this type of sport.  But my heart goes, you know. I'm an endurance guy.
BB:   You're also...
DJE:   And I really wanted to do it again.  So when my knees blew out, I was SO disappointed.  I got--you know, it was odd--I would watch people running, and I would just be so envious.  I thought, "Oh, God!"  I'm over it now.  I've come finally--I've found something else I can do.  I do jujitsu now, I paddle board a lot, I do all kinds of training.  I just did the--I did the Tough Mudder...
BB:   Oh yeah!
PH:   Oh yeah, yeah.
DJE: Lake Tahoe.  I did that one, and that was a gas.
BB:   Right.  They're fun.
DJE:   Yeah.  It was 13 miles uphill, and all those, you know, crazy obstacles...
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   ...and cold water, and everything.  So that was fun.  So, you know--I just dig--I need that.  I need it, you know.  Like, you guys, you know what I mean.

BB:   I'm surprised--I'm surprised a guy like you didn't take up cycling more--didn't get into, I don't know, whatever, Gran Fondos or like...
DJE:   I did a bunch of century rides and stuff, and I did the King Of The Mountain ride.  I always thought--'cause it's such a lonely sport.  And like when I did the, you know the King Of The Mountain ride, the Malibu Challenge--have you
ever done that?
BB:   I have not done that, no.
DJE:   It's insane.  It's like 112 miles, all hills, all these like mad crazy hills, 12 miles straight up, all through Malibu hills.  And it took Coco and I--I convinced him to do it--took us 10 hours.  (Laughter)  We came in, and I looked at the guy, said "oh it was the most miserable, horrible experience of my life.  Where do I sign up for next year?"  You know? (Laughter)
BB:   Yeah, yeah, yeah.
PH:   Well, and especially...
DJE:   And it was!  It was nasty!  The last thing--the worst hill of the whole day is at the very end.  You're at mile 101, and you gotta go up a 10 mile hill, up Stunt Road.
BB:   As a big guy...
DJE:   Yeah...
BB:   Signing up for Hill Climb is probably not...
PH:   Yeah, yeah.
BB:   Nothing personal...
DJE:   No.
BB:   ...probably not--I mean it's something I don't think Ripp Cockburn would normally do.
DJE:   Ripp Cockburn is a far more sensible man than David James Elliott. (Laughter)

BB:   But when you were at Ironman, I'm betting there was a lot of other age groupers who were pretty excited to see this 6'4" wind block in front of them.
DJE:   Yeah, they were diggin that, you know.  And then, I gotta tell you, like when I was doing the race, I don't know if they were wind blocking, these guys were driving me nuts, 'cause they wouldn't leave me alone.  I just wanted to concentrate. They were trying to engage me in conversation, you know.  And I finally shook ET, cause they were following me the whole way through the ride...
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:  ...looking for sound bytes.  And oh man, you know, ET--it was great that they were there, and they were pumped up.  But at the same time, I really wanted to...
BB:   Zone.
DJE: know, zone in.  but I had to keep trying to be funny and engaging and entertaining, and you know...
BB:   You get tired of that.
DJE:   Tired of that, man!  Well, you're good at it, you guys.  But you know...
BB:   Yeah, but we're not racing.
PH:   Yeah, exactly.  We're just sitting here.
BB:   It's easy for us to do it just sitting here talking into a microphone.  We're really engaging.
BB:   What was the toughest part of that race for you--Ironman?
DJE:   Well, the marathon was brutal, because it was so hot.  It was almost 90 degrees, I think I remember.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   And the sun was beating down, and I was, you know, I was thirsty.  And I remember seeing--I saw some stuff in that, that I just went, 'Wow--I really know how that feels"!  There was a girl near CoCo and I, I think it was around mile 8 we were running.  She was coming back, but she had lost control of her bowels I guess, and had just pulled her pants down on the side of the road, and was hanging one arm over a guard rail, and just lettin it fly (Laughter) and she didn't care!
BB/PH:   No.
DJE:   Her look was 'I don't even care'.
BB:   Exactly.
PH:   It all goes out the window.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   The body, you know, it's--things are escaping, let it go, hi, I'm done.  And in the end, he and I, Coco, we were like, you know, we were laughing at anything.
BB:   Sure.
DJE:   We were so giddy, you know, and it's such a great feeling.  I got those pictures of me coming across the finish line with him, racing the last mile...
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   ...we really tore into each other, and it was just so much fun, man.
BB:   That's cool.

PH:   So David, you obviously, because you're a celebrity, I'm guessing have met a lot of athletes from various sports.  Does one or two or three stick in your mind?
DJE:   Well, you know I got to meet--I remember doing--I was in a peloton with Tyler Hamilton, and that was really cool, when I did the Ride For The Roses.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   I hosted it.  Robin Williams had a last minute conflict, and they asked me if I would step in and do that.  So, you know, and I met Lance and actually rode with him a little bit.  You don't ride with him long  (Laughter),
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   First hill, he's gone, you know.  But I managed to drop into this peloton, and Tyler was in it, and that was pretty cool.  Um, who else have I met.  You know, I met-- who won the Ironman the year that I went there?
BB:  Oh, it was...
DJE:  A Swedish--a Swede?
BB:   Natascha Badmann?
DJE:   No, um...
PH:   Male?
DJE:   A blonde--yeah, a blond guy.
BB:   Norman Stadler--Faris--
DJE:   Not Norman Stadler.  No, he lost.  He got a flat tire.  He was pissed.
PH:   He cried actually.
BB:   Oh, that's right.
DJE:   He cried--that's right--remember that?
BB:   Was that the year...
DJE:   The one that sent his bike and his clothes over in a box. in a _____.
PH:   Faris Al-Sultan, another German.
DJE:   Yes, he won that year.  He was great.
BB:   Yeah, he was great.
DJE:   I loved meeting him.  And as soon as he was done, he went up to Taco Bell and got some food.  (Laughter)
PH:   And then--yeah, he actually showed up at the Underpants Run....
BB:   Yep, yep.
PH:   ...and raced in his speedo.  We love Faris. 
DJE:   He's great.  He just had a great sense of humor.  I loved that about him.
BB:   And we said 'what's your favorite part about the race?', he says "I like chasing the helicopter'. (Laughter) It's Okay!  He was great.

BB:   So David, the show is "GCB", and its starting on March 4th.
DJE:   ...4th on ABC.
BB:   ...ABC, and you will be playing the amazing Ripp Cockburn.
DJE:   Ripp Cockburn.
BB:   I love that!
PH:   Ripp Cockburn. 
BB:   Yes.
PH:   Wow.

BB:   And David, are you on Twitter?
DJE:   I am on Twitter.
BB:   @DavidJamesElliott, I presume.
DJE:   Um, David--DJamesElliott
PH:   D.JamesElliott as in theeeee James Elliott, only it's DJames.
DJE:   I'm not the world's best twitterer.
BB:   Yeah.
DJE:   But I go in spurts, and...
BB:   I have a feeling that as Ripp Cockburn, you'll probably be doing some tweeting.
DJE:   I'm thinkin my twitter activity may pick up when the show goes on the air. (Laughter)
BB:   He sounds like a tweeting type of guy.
DJE:   Oh yeah.  He's always on the twitter.  He can't stop.  (Laughter)

BB:   Hey, David.  Thank you so much for taking time.
DJE:  Thank you, guys.
BB:   Hopefully have you come down for our San Diego Tri-Challenge next October.
DJE:  I would--I would love that, man.  I'd come and do the swim and the ride.
BB:   I'd love it.  That would be awesome to have you back.
DJE:  Great.  Dynamite.
BB:   Perfect.
DJE:  Invite me, and I will come.
BB:   Alright!  David James Elliott has been our guest.  David, thank you so much.
DJE:  Thank you, gentlemen, Paul, Bob.  Bye, bye.
PH:   Thanks, David.
BB:   A pleasure.