To share our enjoyment of David James Elliott while we give back to others.

This idea was born after the 2002 JAG Fanfest. We discovered that while we enjoyed the creative outlet, knowing that it was doing some good was very satisfying.  These raffles and other fund drives are the result;  It gives us “Purpose Behind our Passion”  It will be our endeavor to find/create/share items we think you will enjoy (centered around DJE of course) and raffle or auction them off.  All proceeds will be given to charity.


  • 2015 Calendars – Completed


  • Malibu Photosfor purchase.  All proceeds after processing costs benefit
    The Elizabeth Glazer Foundation.  This is a great way to collect some awesome photos and help lots of children at the same time!
  • DVD’s to Shareof David’s filmography – All proceeds after processing costs benefit David’s Bursary at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival School.

  • Purchase a JAG Episode Guide – plot summaries of all 227 episodes, interesting character facts, and a nice collection of Harm pics through out. The cover is in color but the pics in the guide are black and white.






  • 2015 Calendars – $310 to WWP
  • 2014 Calendars – $270 to WWP
  • 2012 Davidathon/Harmapalooza and 2013 Calendars -$3050 raised.  WWP received $2750.  and The Plan Sponsored Child at $300.
  • 2011 Davidathon and 2012 Calendars – $2750 Raised.  $2000 will be sent to Stratford to fund the Bursary and $750 will be sent to the Wounded Warriors.
  • David’s 51st Birthday gift was a $700 donation to the Wounder Warriors.  This was also a way to show our support for his participation in the Tough Mudder Competition.
  • 2010 David-A-Thon  – Raised $3300. Monies used for: 2011 Stratford Bursary $2500;  The Smile Train – $500  which will fund two cleft surgeries; and our third year with our sponsored child, $300.   Sponsored Child update – Sheelu’s family moved out of the ‘Plan’ area so were no longer eligible for aid.  We were assigned a new child.  His name is Ram-Rahish, he is 8 years old and lives in India.  Fact Sheet  To write to Rahish  Use this address – Plan USA, 155 Plan Way, Warwick RI 02886.  Include the following info on the back of your letter/postcard: fordjefans, 476827, Ram Rahish, 6001-209074587, India.   For writing tips visit www.planusa.org/writingtips
  • David’s 50th Birthday Celebration   We sponsored three water barrels ($1500) through the UNICEF Water Project  Inspiration for this project was the Elliott family trip to the Amazon.
  • HARM-A-PALOOZA – Raised $1260 from a ‘Harm’ celebration.  Money was donated to The Heroes Project, a personal friend of David’s that works with wounded service men & women.  Acknowledgement Letter.
  • 2009 DAVID-A-THON including the 2010 Calendars raised $3880;   Funds will benefit the 2010 Stratford Bursary $2500,  $288 to nenew our child sponsorship with Plan USA, and $1090 to the American Cancer SocietyAcknowledgement letter.
    Update on Sheelu…  in the first image she is pictured with her mother.


  • 2008 DAVID-A-THON including the 2009 Calendars raised $5042. With that we will fund the 2009 Stratford Bursary, $2500.  $550 was added to the EGPAF fund (sale of pics) in order to send them $1000.  There is $1000 in a fund for a Camp Thunderbird(TRT) memorial.  $700 was added to the MS fund (Guard DVDs) in order to send them $2000.  And with the remaining monies I have sponsored a child in the name of ForDJEfans. through “Plan USA”(the organization that David did a PSA for).   Our child is a 5 year old girl named Sheelu Sudama from India.  *Please* anyone who would like to be a part of communicating with Sheelu get it touch with me. I want this to be a community effort. (click on thumbnails for larger versions)The letter below explains the process and gives important details for communicating with Sheelu. Thanks to all who participated!



    • Christmas  2007 and 2008 Calendars – We raised $2010 through our Christmas Auction and the sale of 2008 Calendars.  These monies will be sent in conjuction with the cast & crew ofGooby.  The organization chosen was  the Friends of Sick ChildrenAcknowledgement Letter   Please visit the Coneybeare Stories Social Responsibility


    • Summer 2007- DAVID-A-THON – Through the sale of ‘cubes’, keychains, lanyards and magazines *and* some awesome auctions – we raised $6000.  We also had online contests and gave away some great prizes!   All in all, we had a great time!  These monies will be donated as follows : We will fund the 2008 Bursary at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival ($2500) Acknowledgement Letter and to the CAF (Challenged Athlete Foundation) $3500 Acknowledgement Letter


    • Dec 2006 – DAVID-A-THONAn “online” event where we ‘honored’ all of the characters of David’s career.  We raised over $4600.  We had money in the kiddie so were able to make the following contributions  CAF (Challenged Athlete Foundation) $3000.  EGPAF (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation) $1500 and our third annual Bursary at the Stratford Festival ($2500).  Acknowledgement Letters:  CAFEGPAFStratford.


    • June 2006 – HARM-A-PALOOZAAn “online” event to celebrate the character of Harm.  This to celebrate the release( FINALLY) of JAG on DVD.  Games, raffles, items to purchase, and auctions raised $4100.  This amount is being shared by NMCRS and CAF. Acknowledgement letter from CAF ; Acknowledgement letter NMCRS



    • March 2006 – We did it again!!!   A donation in the amount of $2500 allowing a Bursary to be named in DJE’s honor that will enable an underprivileged child to attend the Stratford Festival Shakespeare School.  The Stratford Festival is where David started his acting career and it holds a place near to his heart.  Acknowledgement Letter ; Thank you from bursary recipient


    • February 2006 – $500 donated to the EGPAF from the sale of Malibu pictures.


    • Jan 2006 – We donated $1100. to the World Food Programme from donations made by members.  The thank you gift for the donations was a dvd of DJE’s public service announcement about the World Food Programme.  This fund raiser was made possible with the assistance from a DJE fan and loyal supporter Linda(aka SuzyRNC). Thanks for capturing the PSA, putting it on DVD and making us aware of it. Acknowledgement Letter


  • Sept 2005 – Through the sale of some awesome T-shirts, coin pins, and the recent calendar raffle we donated $1800 to the Challenged Athlete Foundation. Acknowledgement Letters
    • May 2005 – JAG Fanfest East – We raised $1800++ for the NMCRS.



    • April 2005 – at a reception honoring DJE and the Salvation Army, ‘For DJE Fans’ donated $1000 to The Salvation Army Youth Programs in honor of DJE and his second running of the Boston Marathon.  See  pictures   Acknowledgement Letter


    • March 2005 –   A Bursary was created in DJE’s honor that will enable an underprivileged child to attend the Stratford Festival Shakespeare School.  (A Bursary is the same as a scholarship and in this case is valued at $2500)  The Stratford Festival is where David started his acting career and it holds a place near to his heart.  The Acknowledgement Letter  indicates that the Bursary was created, however contributions were made with private checks and therefore receipts were sent to the individuals and not ‘forDJEfans’.


    • November 2004 – We raffled 6- 2005 DJE Calendars.  Proceeds to benefit the Dream Foundation totaled $655.**


    • See our booth display at Fanfest LA Sept. 2004 – DJE fans raised over $3000!! ++ for the Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society.


    • August 2004 – DJE scrapbook raffle & the plane/motorcycle picture auctions raised $196**. for the Dream Foundation.


    • November 2003 – Once again we raffled 6 DJE 2004 Calendars to benefit the Dream Foundation.  We raised $981.**


    • May 2004 – JAGfanfest East – Held in Washington DC – $1100 ++ was raised for NMCRS fund.


    • May 2003 – We raffled 6 tote bags with DJE/Harm images to benefit the Dream Foundation.  We raised $265.**


    • September 2003 – JAGfanfest – the DJE booth raised $1600. ++


    • November 2002 -We raffled 6- 2003 DJE Calendars to benefit the Dream Foundation.  We raised $1075.** This was enough money that we actually sponsored the dream of an elderly lady diagnosed with cancer. Acknowledgement Letter


Received from the Dream Foundation as a ‘Thank you’ for our donations. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you.

++ All proceeds from individual booths were turned over to the Fanfest Committee.  Therefore, ‘forDJEfans’ would not be the recipient of any acknowledgement letters.  Amounts listed here are for informational purposes only.

**  All donations were made out to the Dream Foundation, therefore tax receipts were sent to the individuals and not ‘forDJEfans’.  All materials and expenses related to the calendars, pictures and scrapbook were donated by Cindy. All costs related to the tote-bags were donated by Carol.

  Whe JAG came to an end – fans of David, from many different ‘fan communities’, came together and pulled their funds and purchased a full page ad with a message of support to David.   I had this one autographed when I saw David in Boston.